24/7 Repair Service When You Need It – Fast.

Compressed air systems are equipped to handle the pressure of everyday use. However, equipment can be vulnerable to breaking down every once in a while. It’s important to know signs to look out for and what to do when this happens.

Air Handling Equipment (AHE) provides certified, professional services for compressed air systems whenever you need it. We have been working with compressed air systems for forty- five years, and our technicians are trained to evaluate and solve problems quickly and efficiently. Our commitment to our customers and the quality of their equipment is our priority. Small to large scale companies across Ohio trust us every day to provide exceptional service 24/7.

Potential Warning Signs

Compressed air systems are a critical component to your business. When they go down, it can significantly affect your budget, productivity, and deadlines. Compressed air systems can fail for a variety of reasons, but warning signs may be present before that happens. Those include:

● Oil leak in or around the system
● Drop in pressure
● Frequently blown fuses
● Moisture downstream causing production delays
● Loud noise coming from the motor or airend
● Discharge temperatures consistently above 200°F
● Service/Event codes logged in the compressed air system

Please know this is not a complete list of potential warning signs. It is important to monitor how your compressed air system operates on a daily basis and take note of any odd or sudden changes. Identifying problems as soon as they arise can save you time and money. You can contact us 24/7 if you notice something unusual.

Preventing Unexpected Repairs

Although compressed air systems are a critical component to your daily production, we understand this may be only one of many responsibilities you have within your operations. Busy schedules can cause equipment checks to go unnoticed, that can eventually result in problems. Let us focus on your equipment’s maintenance by scheduling a routine preventive maintenance plan.

Planning ahead with preventive maintenance is the best way to help prevent unexpected repairs. Preventative maintenance (PM) involves performing routine inspections on a scheduled basis to ensure your equipment is in optimal operating condition. Not only does a PM make sure your compressed air system runs as it should, it can also ultimately increase the life expectancy. Reach out today to any of our three locations in Sidney, Cincinnati, and Columbus to discuss setting up a tailored maintenance plan unique to your operations to help prevent serious problems in the future.

At Air Handling Equipment, we offer plans on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to meet the needs of your production demands. Our services are always designed with you in mind. Whether you need of a full service agreement, a preventative maintenance (PM) plan, or on-site parts consignment, we can create a customized plan to guarantee your uptime. Make sure to check out Our Services for complete detail. Take control today over your maintenance schedule by planning ahead with Air Handling Equipment for inspections and repairs to avoid untimely breakdowns.

Service When You Need It

Setting up service with Air Handling Equipment for your compressed air systems will provide greater consistency to your production schedule, budget, and overall help your bottom line. Our certified technicians have experience working with all makes and models of air compressors, dryers, chillers, dust collectors, and more. No matter your set-up, we have the resources and training to offer 24/7 emergency support and service. In case you need to supplement air for your operations while your equipment is being worked on, make sure to ask us about our expansive rental fleet to keep your operations stay running, no matter the situation. We hope to make the repair process as stress-free as possible during a stressful time, and have various options available to keep your operations up and running. We will work with you to determine the best course of action to get the job done.

Have questions about preventative maintenance or repair services? Fill out our contact form or give us a call at one of our three locations! If this is an emergency, please call 1-800-736-3321 to speak to one of our support representatives.