Air Over the Fence

Reap the benefits of the profit generating output without any of the cost generating input of your compressed air equipment!  Air Handling Equipment offers an Air Over the Fence solution that puts money back in your pocket.  While necessary, compressed air systems can be costly to purchase, operate, and maintain.  Additionally, compressed air systems are high energy users, take up precious production space, and require internal resources to support.  Air Handling Equipment has developed Compressed Air Pods to deliver our customers a profit generating solution that eliminates the headaches listed above.  Check out in the key benefits below how Compressed Air Pods can be the solution you have been looking for! 

Preserve Capital

Preserve Capital

  • Take capital expense out of the equation. Invest more in production equipment and other areas of growth.  Compressed Air Pods offer your company an opportunity to:
    • Utilize your operating budget to support your compressed air needs
    • Free up cash flow
    • Accelerated ROI
    • Qualify for tax savings through Sect. 179 Tax Deduction
Numerous Configurations

Numerous Configurations

  • Your production space cannot be compromised. Space constraints are a constant battle within many industrial plants.  Compressed Air Pods aim to maximize your floor space, while meeting any application need.  Our solutions include numerous configurations:
    • Capacities ranging from 5 to 500 CFM
    • High Pressure vs. Low Pressure (72 to 6000 PSI)
    • Oil Free vs. Oil Flooded
    • Dew points ranging from -100F to 100F
Reallocate Resources

Reallocate Resources

  • Our slogan is, “We Keep The Pressure On”. We intend to reduce lost production relating to compressed air system downtime and inefficiencies through the Compressed Air Pods solution.  Combined with the support team from Air Handling Equipment, we designed this solution specifically to:
    • Take the compressed air “headache” away from you
    • Help reallocate your personnel’s time back on your manufacturing expertise.
    • Provide consistency and reliability toward your production scheduling
    • Open space and capital to be redirected toward other business needs
Improve System Efficiency

Improve System Efficiency

  • Compressed Air Pods are designed to reduce energy costs associated with compressed air. Through properly sized systems and state-of-the-art air management controls, we aim to eliminate wasted energy situations and, more importantly, costly downtime associated with compressed air.  These designed air management advantages include:
    • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
      • Providing 360 degrees of real time performance tracking – Saving up to 30% per asset in energy costs
    • Automated Sequencing Systems
      • Customized to meet your specific needs, capable of providing maximum efficiency modes of operation
    • Stable System Pressure
      • Flow controllers built in to maintain system pressure within +/- 1 PSI of target pressure, Modbus communication-ready, and reducing air loss through leaks.
Customizable Agreements

Customizable Agreements

  • We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We understand that each customer has a different set of circumstances and we take into consideration each situation to formulate a value proposition specifically suited to maximize our customer’s needs.  Our customizable agreements include:
    • Purchase options: Rent, Lease, Own
      • Achieve a predictable budget with fixed payments while your equipment generates revenue for your business.
    • Flexible Funding
      • Choose from a wide variety of payment terms with rates as low as 0%!
    • Service Plans
      • Partner with Air Handling Equipment’s service team to provide dependable service throughout the entire lifecycle of your compressed air equipment. This includes 24/7 support and maintenance plans designed to lower your total cost of ownership. 
    • Guaranteed Warranty Compliance
      • Gain bumper to bumper warranty for up to 10 years on your compressor!

Whether you are out of space, need more compressed air capacity, or do not have the capital budget available, contact Air Handling Equipment regarding our Compressed Air Pods and the many different arrangements we have provided other companies to fit their specific compressed air needs. You will gain guaranteed uptime for your compressed air system, consistent communication, superior reliability, and more money back in your pocket as your partner!


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