Compressed Air Management

Air Handling Equipment knows production uptime and cost savings are main priorities for your operations. We offer customizable air management packages to accommodate a variety of applications. Contact us today to consult with our Technical Solutions Group about sequencing, remote monitoring, and flow control options to aid in the optimization of your compressed air system.

Sequencing Systems

Air Handling Equipment represents the Gardner Denver sequencing systems. Our systems are fully customizable to meet your specific needs and compressor room designs. Whether you need first in first out, last in first out, or equal hours of operation, we are capable of providing maximum efficiency modes of operations.

Remote Monitoring

The smart factory has just got even smarter. Developed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, Air Handling Equipment and AIRMATCS takes air compressor monitoring, performance, and control even farther by providing 360 degrees of real time performance tracking of your air compressors – from anywhere in the world. One control center, infinite possibilities. Save up to 30% per asset in energy costs with AIRMATICS compressor management technology. Contact Air Handling Equipment today for more information on achieving real time data, analytics, and insights at the push of a button.

Designed to monitor the performance of a standalone air compressor – regardless of the air compressor’s brand.

Enables all compressors to be interconnected, creating a unified network of compressors the provides instant feedback and automatically adjusts performance and output according to the air compressor network’s requirements.

Command & Control
The brains behind AIRMATICS, which is locally installed and digitally connected via the cloud. Capable of managing an infinite number of locally interconnected air compressors, Command and Control responds to real-time feedback and adjusts settings and performance levels automatically – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Designed to be as clean and easy to use as possible. The AIRCLOUD user interface provides a visual representation of your monitored air compressors across Air-Tag and Smart-Tag products. AIRCLOUD’s innovative, intuitive and informative approach to data analytics leaves no aspect of your air compressor – or air compressor network – unexplored.

Flow Controllers

When downstream air demand changes quickly, flow controllers can be a nice addition to maintain stable system pressure. Additionally, our flow controllers enhance compressor efficiency and service life by enabling operation of the air system at a lower overall pressure

  • Designed to maintain system pressures within +/- 1 PSI of target pressure
  • Flow options up to 19,200 CFM and max pressure up to 300 PSI available
  • Forward, backward or combined control modes
  • Modbus Communication-Ready
  • Reduces air loss through leaks

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