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Air dryers, filters, and oil water condensate separators are an important part of controlling moisture and contaminant removal within your compressed air systems. If not equipped with the proper air treatment equipment or left unchecked, excessive moisture and harmful contaminant carryover can cause costly damage to end-use equipment and products.

Our partnerships with top manufacturers allow us to offer air treatment equipment you can depend on. Air Handling Equipment represents the Gardner Denver, ZEKS, and NANO brands of dryers, filtration, oil water condensate separators, and drains. New, used, and rental options are available today!

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers are designed to protect your end-use equipment and tools from moisture downstream. Consider our wide variety of refrigerated dryer options.

  • Cycling and Non-Cycling configurations
  • High-inlet temperature and high-pressure models available
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled packages
  • 15-12,000 CFM packages
  • Delivering 38 degrees Fahrenheit pressure dew points with CAGI verified performance

Desiccant Dryers

In situations requiring sub-zero dew point and zero moisture for your operations is critical, consider our selection of desiccant dryer options to fit your specific application needs.

  • 20-20,000 CFM units
  • -40 and -100 degrees Fahrenheit operation
  • Heatless, externally heated, blower purge, and heat of compression packages available
  • Customizable to meet your specific air quality needs
  • Packages available to meet the SQF & GFSI standards for direct food contact


Contact us today to learn how compressed air filters can help protect your end-use equipment by removing particulates and oil carryover. From particulate and coalescing filters to mist eliminators, we carry a full line of filtration options.

  • 20-21,250 CFM units
  • 100-6,000 PSI options available
  • Customizable to meet your specific air filtration needs
  • Filtration designed to meet SQF & GFSI food standards, including sterile filtration

Oil Water Condensate Separators

Oil water condensate separators are a necessary product in separating water, oil, and dust particles created from the air compression process. Our oil water condensate separators are designed to keep your operations EPA compliant with environmentally safe treatment of your contaminated condensate.

  • Designed to handle diester, PAO, glycol, hydraulic, food grade, and mineral-based lubricants
  • .5-60 gallon collection capacities
  • 70-6000 CFM system conditions
  • Cartridge replacement and maintenance free options


In tandem with filtration and oil water condensate separators, drains reliably remove unwanted water, chemicals or other moisture in the air from your compressed air system. Air Handling Equipment can provide options while providing maximum energy savings.

  • Float, timer, and zero-air less drain options
  • Manual, electrical, and pneumatic-operated configurations
  • Customizable to fit multiple compressed air systems and work in tight spaces

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