Actively Proactive: Compressed Air Maintenance Plans

When you’ve worked in the compressed air industry as long as we have, you’ve seen a thing or two. One thing we’ve learned throughout the years is that routine equipment maintenance makes a huge difference in the reliability and lifespan of compressed air systems. Compressed air equipment has consumable parts that will wear down with continued use. If left unchecked, it can lead to further wear and tear of major components throughout the system. However, preventive maintenance (PM) helps maximize productivity and minimize costly repairs and replacements.

Our forty-five years of experience have equipped us with the expertise to service all makes and models of compressed air systems. Every compressed air maintenance plan through Air Handling Equipment includes a variety of benefits for our customers, no matter their needs. Some of these benefits include:

Thorough Assessments

We take pride in the work we do, and that extends to our thorough PM assessments. All of our technicians are equipped with a detailed preventive maintenance checklist for every job. No matter the size of the job, our certified technicians approach each compressed air system with the same meticulous process. There is a list of required PM consumable parts (i.e., air filter, oil filter, separator, oil, etc.) that must be changed at time of service. We understand the importance of taking an additional step in ensuring your compressed air equipment receives a clean bill of health before completing a PM. This step includes proper due diligence of inspecting the entire compressed air system(s). Inspections include: checking for air leaks, oil leaks, water leaks, electrical connections, discharge pressure and temperature readings, test of system controls, volt and amp readings, and much more!

Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive list of items our technicians complete during a PM. Customers who purchase equipment through Air Handling Equipment have the added benefit of the utilization of remote monitoring devices, such as iConn by Gardner Denver, which gathers data directly related to the functioning status of equipment. This combined effort keeps you one step ahead by predicting potential issues before they happen; saving time and expense.

For those customers who have multiple equipment on-site, it is common not all equipment is due for a PM at the same time. When intervals are staggered, our technicians still make sure to leave the compressed air room(s) cleaner than when they arrived. This means we take on additional tasks on-site like blowing out the condenser on the dryer, testing all the drains, and inspecting the media life on the oil water separator on each service. We want to make sure our customers don’t experience unexpected surprises on any piece of equipment. Our customers can feel confident when we leave knowing that their equipment is in top shape.

No Downtime

Customers that rely on continuous compressed air during production hours can also benefit from our preventive maintenance services. We understand the process of stopping operations can be costly. This is where portable air provides the added assurance of continuous air during services. This is why we maintain an extensive rental fleet to support the supplemental air needs of all our customers. That way you won’t experience any downtime while we work to evaluate your equipment.

Flexible Scheduling

Our customers schedule preventative maintenance during times that are most convenient for their operations. Need maintenance performed before production starts, during lunch hour, or on the weekends? We’ve got you covered! Tell us a time that works best for you, and we’ll send one of our trained technicians to ensure your equipment is running at peak performance.

Our maintenance terms are also flexible and can be set up in a number of ways:

  1. Yearly maintenance agreement with a fixed monthly, quarterly, or yearly price
  2. Quote per each service interval
  3. Simply receiving a thumbs up when our account manager comes by to confirm the next PM service interval is ready

Our goal is to make sure your equipment is running at peak efficiency with no downtime. If we do our job well, we don’t need to lock anyone in a long-term binding contract. We know our customers trust our reliability and industry-leading customer service to support their compressed air needs.

Reliable Tracking

Typically, maintenance plans are scheduled around equipment hours and usage. These are tracked by our account managers, remote monitoring systems, or a combination of both. We mentioned iConn units by Gardner Denver earlier in this post, but we’d like to delve a little deeper into some of the advantages.

Air Handling Equipment offers Gardner Denver products equipped with iConn. iConn is a platform specifically designed for air compressor monitoring. It continuously collects data and transmits information, such as: service history, active and prior alarms, warranty compliance, runtime hours, and hours remaining until the next PM service is due. All this information is available to both you and us. The easy-to-use interface makes it possible to optimize production and increase energy efficiency. iConn is a beneficial tool for reliable tracking and remaining actively proactive with preventive maintenance.

If you’d like to read more about iConn by Gardner Denver, check out the advantages listed in the brochure.

Warranty Coverage

Warranty programs compliment our preventive maintenance plans by ensuring your operations run smoothly, and providing peace of mind knowing your equipment is covered if something does happen. As an award-winning Gardner Denver distributor, we offer different levels of coverage to fit your budget and equipment needs. For more information on Gardner Denver warranty programs, download our copy of the warranty program brochure.

Account Manager Program

Ongoing customer support is one of our biggest priorities. We don’t just want to be the people you call in the event of an equipment emergency; we want to be the people you rely on to stay in touch and identify potential problems before they get worse.

The Air Handling Equipment Account Manager Program is our unique approach to providing you with guaranteed uptime for your compressed air systems. Our customers enjoy the benefits of receiving one-on-one support, both virtually and on-site. A free inspection, guaranteed warranty compliance, and oil sample collections are just a few of the conveniences offered through our program. We take the time to listen to your equipment and your thoughts. Our entire team works together to ensure the success of your operations, even as your business evolves.

For a complete overview of our Account Manager Program advantages, check out the Account Manager Program blog post.


Maintenance plans are not one-size-fits-all. We work with each customer individually to determine a service agreement and schedule that successfully meets their needs. We understand the importance of routine maintenance to be proactive in preventing issues down the road. Our plans effectively help:

  • Protect customer equipment and assets
  • Prolong the life of equipment
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase uptime
  • Promote productivity
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Preventative maintenance is critical for the upkeep of air compressors and compressed air systems. At Air Handling Equipment, we make it our goal to ensure your systems continue to run safely, efficiently, and with optimal performance.

If you would like to learn more about our compressed air maintenance plans, please contact us or visit one of our three locations: Sidney, Cincinnati, or Columbus, Ohio.