The Cost-Saving and Environmental Benefits of Nitrogen Generators

Businesses that rely on nitrogen gas may be spending more than they need to on their supply.

The rising costs of transportation logistics, such as stock, storage, and delivery of nitrogen tanks and cylinders, are increasingly becoming a concern. Due to potential financial savings, nitrogen generator usage has rapidly increased in industries requiring high-purity nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen generators offer a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to produce nitrogen gas consistently. In this blog, we’ll share some of the cost-saving and environmental benefits our customers have seen by investing in a nitrogen generator.

Nitrogen generators are a reliable and efficient source for generating nitrogen gas.

Since nitrogen generators generate nitrogen gas from the air surrounding us, they give companies the ability to produce it whenever needed. Air is pulled into the generator and compressed. Nitrogen molecules are separated from the oxygen molecules and other elements using either Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM). PSA generators utilize a carbon molecular sieve bed to filter nitrogen and oxygen molecules. Membrane technology passes air through a membrane, separating nitrogen from other gasses and elements.

Let’s Get Down to the Benefits

On-site nitrogen gas generators generate a constant supply, so companies don’t need to halt their production process when running out of gas or waiting for a replacement delivery. The convenience of on-site production offers various economical and eco-friendly benefits that ultimately help protect your bottom line.

Save on Transport Costs and Downtime

Businesses that produce nitrogen gas on demand save money in the long run compared to the recurring cost of storing, maintaining, and receiving tanks. Many companies purchase compressed nitrogen cylinders and then pay fees related to transporting them to the required location.

Nitrogen generators provide a cost-effective alternative to these costs. Once purchased, they can be installed on-site, and the nitrogen gas produced is piped directly to the required location. This system requires less maintenance and manual labor than traditional tanks, contributing to significant cost savings over time.

Additionally, by producing nitrogen in-house, you’re saving money and reducing the risk of downtime by not waiting for tanks to be delivered or replaced.

Reclaim Space & Ensure Better Safety

Having a generous backup supply of nitrogen gas makes sense when your business relies on it. However, storage tanks and cylinders can occupy a significant amount of space within your facility.

They’re also highly pressurized and can cause extreme damage to people and equipment if a tank valve breaks on a unit that isn’t properly anchored or secured. Extra precautions and safety measures must be taken when storing nitrogen gas. Companies must ensure that the storage area is protected against extreme temperatures, away from harsh weather conditions, and well-ventilated. One human error can cause a disaster if the supply is improperly stored or connected.

Nitrogen generators free up the space you would otherwise use for excess supply. While the equipment will require space for design placement, it will be fixed and constant, and you’ll no longer have to worry about where and how gas containers are stored. You also won’t have to worry about purchasing bulk supplies as the generator can be programmed only to produce what you need.

Reduce Impurities

Nitrogen generators allow companies greater control over their product quality and consistency. High-purity nitrogen is crucial in manufacturing applications like electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging. When companies purchase compressed nitrogen gas, they either have to trust that the purity is consistent or pay for additional testing. They risk impurities that can lead to product defects. Traditional nitrogen cylinders also often contain residual gas, which cannot be used and is, therefore, wasted.

Generators give companies control over the purity of their nitrogen gas. For example, Air Handling Equipment distributes Gardner Denver Nitrogen Generators with 99.9% to 99.999% purity systems. Not only is the purity customizable depending on your production, but it also ensures a consistent supply quality every time. Gas consistency leads to better product quality and reduces the need for rework and scrap.

Many nitrogen generators also come with an automatic control system that regulates the production of nitrogen gas and ensures consistency in purity.

Automated control systems reduce or eliminate the need for an operator to continuously monitor the process and make manual adjustments. Generators can be programmed through these systems to produce only nitrogen gas when needed and ultimately reduce energy waste. Alarms can be set to alert operators when there are issues with the generator to reduce the chances of unexpected downtime in your production process.

Protect the Environment While Protecting your Bottom Line

Sustainable business practices have taken priority in recent years, and companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Compared to traditional gas cylinders that require transportation, nitrogen generators can eliminate the use of excessive energy and carbon emissions associated with transportation. The reduction in transportation leads to decreased fuel emissions, fossil fuel usage, and additional environmental costs associated with transporting gasses.

Generators themselves can also have a positive impact on the environment. Since nitrogen gas is produced by extracting it from the air around us, they do not produce waste products or polluting gasses.

Overall, nitrogen gas generators can contribute to the broader integration of renewable distributed generators into the distribution system. They encourage stimulating capital investment in renewable power generation and yield financial and environmental benefits.


Nitrogen generators offer businesses a more environmentally conscious, cost-saving, and convenient solution to nitrogen production.

Whether you need larger volumes of nitrogen for a high-production environment or a smaller supply to supplement existing systems, Air Handling Equipment has you covered. Some of our options include:

  • 99.9% to 99.999% nitrogen purity systems are available
  • Pressure swing or membrane options for your specific needs
  • Oxygen level sensors for instant purity level monitoring
  • Skid-mounted packages that include buffer and nitrogen tanks for ease of installation
  • High-pressure booster packages are available to meet your needs
  • Laser, food, blanketing, and pharmaceutical industry standards are met

Our team will provide expert advice and support in choosing a nitrogen generator that best suits your business operations.

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