Technical Solutions Group Analyses for Your Compressed Air Systems

When contemplating a new compressed air system, it can take more than equipment research and a sales pitch. Sometimes, you need the numbers. The Technical Solutions Groups at Air Handling Equipment (AHE) offers assistance justifying or verifying projects. Our fully transparent analyses provide data you need to make informed decisions about your compressed air investments. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing the Technical Solutions Group from AHE for your compressed air systems.


One of the benefits of choosing AHE is our ability to service and analyze all makes and models of compressed air systems. From outdated systems to brand new equipment, our Technical Solutions Groups have the tools needed to survey a variety of brands and manufacturers. These tools allow us to provide valuable data about your production without the barriers of learning new equipment.

Companies that don’t yet have a compressed air system in place can also benefit from Technical Solutions Group services. We welcome all new customers and are happy to assist in the decision making process. Prospective customers without compressed air systems will be given reports on how to improve or supplement their processes. Superior customer service is one of our priorities, and all customers are treated with the same services and respect.

For example, we will provide unbiased and fully transparent analysis to prospective and current customers from the following services:

● Data Logging
Energy and Reliability Audits
● Sequencing
● Remote Monitoring
● Air Sampling Analysis meeting SQF & GFSI Food Industry Requirements
● Leak Detection
● Laser Alignment
● Vibration Analysis
● Dew Point Sampling

Our mission is to help our customers reach their goals by eliminating compressed air system downtime and inefficiencies. Specialized teams work to identify those inefficiencies and improve operations. Data directly from your facility is collected to deliver unbiased reports supported by industry best-practices. Large and small companies can benefit from what our Technical Solutions Group has to offer.


It’s easy to schedule an appointment with our Technical Solutions Group. Simply fill out our online contact form or call one of our three locations in Ohio. Once we’ve received your inquiry, we will reach out to you the same day to set up an on-site analysis. A professional team member will then visit your facility to collect data and perform an inspection.

After data has been collected, an analysis will be conducted internally. Some studies can usually be done in a day or less, while others may take a few weeks to complete. The amount of time depends on the project’s scope of work. Reporting results are normally returned within a few days of analysis completion, but some projects can be reported back on-site the same day. We maintain communication throughout the process with an on-site follow up visit, phone call, or virtual conference call to deliver results at your convenience.

Our services don’t end once results are delivered. Experienced sales and field service managers are equipped to deliver recommendations on equipment, parts, and accessories for effective compressed air systems. Every customer is unique, and needs vary between industries. We understand that. From data collection to install to preventive maintenance, each step is customized to deliver the best results for your specific operations.


AHE services all customers, industries, and business types, from start-ups looking to figure out capacity, growth, or specs to companies expanding to new or renovated buildings. Industries include, but are not limited to:

● Aerospace & Defense
● Agriculture & Mining
● Automotive
● Building Materials
● Clay & Glass
● Chemicals
● Consumer Products
● Engineering & Construction
● Forest Products & Paper
● Furniture
● Healthcare
● High Tech & Electronics
● Higher Education & Research
● Metal Products
● Oil & Gas
● Pharmaceuticals
● Primary Metal & Steel
● Textiles Production
● Utilities
● Industrial Machinery & Components

Even if you don’t see your industry listed, reach out to us! It’s almost impossible to include every industry we’ve serviced in a bullet point list, so don’t feel excluded if you don’t see your industry above. Our personnel utilizes extensive training from CAGI and Department of Energy, including AIRMaster+ certification. Which means no matter the industry, our experts will cover your compressed air needs at the highest level of technical aptitude, resulting in comfort and confidence for any project validation.

Air Handling Equipment and our Technical Solutions Groups are committed to providing unbiased, reliable data analyses. Our in-depth, on-site research and data collection allow us to objectively examine any industry and their compressed air systems. Choose AHE to help your business improve system efficiencies, decrease energy usage, and improve your bottom line.

Have more questions about our Technical Solutions Group or analyses of compressed air systems? Fill out our contact form or contact one of our Ohio locations in Sidney, Cincinnati, or Columbus!