GD-Compressor-Photo72Air Handling is an award winning distributorship with the Gardner Denver line of compressed air products. Gardner Denver is a leading manufacturer around the world in its industry. Gardner Denver rotary screws have the best warranty in the industry and the Hydrovane rotary vane compressors are time-tested machines with unparalleled integrity. Take a look at Air Handling’s Hydrovane, Variable Speed Rotary Screw, Oil Free and used compressor offerings below.


Hydrovane series rotary sliding vane compressors are a dependable, high quality solution for compressed air or gas. Low noise levels make Hydrovane compressors an integral piece of your investment. Install the equipment in an open format or fit it with enclosure panels for a further reduction in noise. Save money by only using power and energy when you need it.
Hydrovane Literature                                     

Gardner Denver Rotary Screw:

Gardner Denver uses the latest CNC rotor grinding technology to maintain its quality oil injected rotary screw compressors. Their compressors combine high performance with low operating costs and reliability for the right fit for your system needs. Take a look at your different options below.

L07-L22 (10-30 hp)    
Installation is made simple as L07-L22 compressors are able to fit through standard doorways and easily connect to power and compressed air in a single connection. The small installation footprint allows for low noise levels and easy positioning without disturbance near people and other equipment. With a compact compressor you will enjoy shorter servicing times, longer intervals between service and reduced costs.

L07RS-L22RS (10-30 hp)           
Installation is made simple as variable-speed rotary screw L07-L22 compressors have a smaller footprint and superior serviceability. The small footprint allows for lower installation costs, increased flexibility when selecting your installation location and ease in relocation down the line. With the LRS Series of compressor, you will enjoy the efficiency and reliability of a variable speed compressor as it handles your varying air demand while minimizing your energy consumption. The combination air/oil cooler design will prevent unnecessary wear and condensate in your system.

L23-L29 (30-40 HP)
Fixed-speed rotary screw L23-L29 compressors bring you a whole new level of serviceability by reducing the number of components and featuring one common layout. The service-friendly integrated design eliminates unneeded connections and minimizes piping. GD high-efficiency airends ensure that you will use less power in comparison to other options on the market. Save money without sacrificing reliability, performance and quiet noise levels.

L23RS-L29RS (30-40 HP)                                                    
The LRS-Series of variable-speed rotary screw compressors will easily save you 25 percent on energy costs by using just the right amount of energy required for the job in comparison to a fixed-speed compressor. You’ll still enjoy a reduced number of components and single common layout, superior long-life components and limited noise and down time with this series.

L30-L132 (40-180 HP)                                         
The L-Series of fixed speed rotary screw compressors tout a clean, simple and intuitive layout with a reduced number of components and same common layout as other L-Series systems. Easily install the L30-L132 compressors near people and other equipment thanks to low noise levels that will allow you to save money. Discover the intelligent microprocessor controllers featuring advanced software with a groundbreaking interface that will display extensive amounts of data.

L30RS-L132RS (40-180 HP)
The LRS-Series of variable-speed rotary screw compressors take a unique approach to simple and cutting-edge design. The same reduced number of components and common layout as other L-Series systems, the LRS design will provide just the right response to your individual demand for air while minimizing your energy consumption with the variable-speed drive. You’ll get all this and more with the intelligent microprocessor controllers featuring advanced software and groundbreaking interface which presents you with vast amounts of data.

L30-L75 (40-100 hp literature)        
The right L30-L75 compressor will improve your manufacturing processes with a continuous supply of reliable high quality compressed air. Built-in intelligent controls will optimize performance with on site and remote accessibility. These energy saving machines compress air and maintenance bills, noise levels, overall footprint and environmental burden.

L90-L250 (125-330 hp literature)
The latest L90-L250 compressors are available in both air- and water-cooled models. You will benefit from a highly efficient cooling system, minimal installation costs, low noise levels and low service costs. L90-L250 compressors are designed to be transported by fork lift and own a compact footprint.

VST Series: Two Stage, Variable Speed Control Rotary Screw Air Compressors:

Choose a two stage, variable speed control rotary screw compressor for improved efficiency, flexibility and serviceability. The VST-Series is more efficient than other single and two stage air compressors available today. By combining an AirSmartTM controller and Variable Frequency Drives, you’ll meet all of your variable pressure and flow requirements with no interruptions. Your variable speed control will match the compressor package output to match your system demand resulting in the flexibility you need to save money. Lower maintenance costs will directly result from a better layout of electronics and mechanical components.
110-180 kW, VST 110/150/180 – click here for specifications
225-260 kW, VST 225/260 – click here for specifications     

Electra-Saver Rotary Screw Air Compressors:

GD Rotary Screw Air Compressors utilize patented Turn Valve technology that reduces energy costs by as much as 16 percent by pairing KyphoTM rotor design. Built with maintenance reducing design features, look for simplified access to key elements and longer life and protection of all working parts. Our AirSmartTM Microprocessor Controller surpasses all others in its class to provide self-diagnostics, protective shutdown, service advisories and a full text digital display.

Electra-Saver 125-200 HP
The Direct Drive SAV 125-200 HP compressors use reduce energy costs by as much as 16 percent by pairing KyphoTM rotor design with the Turn Valve load technology that includes precision milled, high-strength ductile iron rotors. You’ll experience vibration-free operation with a permanent air end to motor connection with a rigid flange connection. Large tapered roller bearings and spin-on ten micron full-flow oil filters also ensure increased bearing life. SAV 125-200 HP compressors are built with maintenance reducing design features that include simplified access to the air/oil separator and air filter.

Electra-Saver 200-350 HP          
SAV 200-350 HP compressors utilize Turn Valve capacity control and KyphoTM rotor design to reduce energy costs as much as 16 percent while automatically compressing exactly the right amount of air required. This assures maximum efficiency and energy savings for your industry. Large tapered roller bearings bring with them an increased bearing life for the highly efficient, slow-turning airend. Advanced technology CNC machining centers provide the patented KyphoTM profile rotors for excelled performance. An easy maintenance, optional acoustically treated steel enclosure with attenuation plenum is available to provide quiet 77 dBA air cooled operation (73 dBA on water cooled units.)

Electra-Saver 350-500 HP           
SAV 350-500 HP compressors also reduce energy costs by as much as 16 percent with the use of Turn Valve technology and at 65 percent load capacity, the system only requires 75 percent of your full load horsepower. The large tapered roller bearings increase bearing life for the highly efficient, slow-turning airend that uses the patented, precision-machined KyphoTM profile rotors. The EliminatorTM air/oil separator in 350-500 HP compressors has twice the surface area of other separators for efficiency and longer life. Less than two parts per million are measured before the after cooler for the lowest carry-over in the industry. The steel base acoustic enclosures will allow you to go vibration-free and retain unrestricted access to all your primary service points.

Oil Free:

You can trust that a Gardner Denver oil free compressor will eliminate oil carryover in your compressed air supply. You are also looking at increased environmental efficiency with an oil free model. Cut product spoilage, reduce energy consumption, minimize installation cost and increase reliability with a water-cooled or air-cooled model today.
Oil Free model

EnviroAire Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors:

The EnviroAire T/TVS Series is proven to provide high quality, low cost air in thousands of diverse applications including chemical, textile and utilities by food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics industries and more. When you are looking for 100 percent quality to be built into your manufacturing process, choose this ISO 8573-1 Class 0 & silicone-free certified product for vital air purity. The high output, two-stage airend, ultra-efficient cooling system, reliable drive and ISO Class 0 are all designed for your demanding applications. You’ll see low service costs with the innovative EnviroAire T/TVS Series design and note minimized downtime and lower service costs due to quick access service points. Gardner Denver variable speed compressors will handle your varying air demand easily saving you 25 percent by using just the right amount of energy required to do the job. These significant energy savings come with superior flexibility and comprehensive compressor control featuring the multilingual GD Pilot TS touch screen control system.
Oil Free model  

Used Compressors:

Do you need to add a compressor to accommodate your growing needs, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Our vast selection of used compressors of all makes and models is an economical option to help you maintain system efficiency. Air Handling has a constant stock ranging from 5 hp to 500 hp.