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Air Treatment

Air Treatment

Air Handling Equipment Inc. offers the best selection of air treatment products and provides application knowledge to protect your compressed air system. Dryers, filters and receiving tanks are an integral part of your investment. As a distributor of Zeks, Donaldson, Zander, as well as CompAir; Air Handling has the ability to provide you with compressed air that meets your demand with quality at any level. Your air treatment options are limitless with different styles of dryers, different levels of filtration and an arsenal of products to choose from.

Along with air treatment solutions, Air Handling also provides equipment for treatment of your condensate. Ensure your facility is doing all it can to remain as “green friendly” as possible by adding an Oil/Water Separator. We recognize that your facility is meeting ever-increasing restrictions addressing environmental impact. Equipment offered by Air Handling will clean your condensate and keep your company in accordance with local codes.

A crucial step in meeting your air treatment needs is looking closely at your air quality requirements. If your facility needs general plant air or a sterile environment, an ISO Class 0 classification, an oil free air compressor or process air filtration, trust our dedicated and knowledgeable technicians to help you select the right equipment for your application. Click here to contact us today.

DHP Desiccant Dryer Literature   
FIL Series 20-21, 250 SCFM                                                          
RNC Series 10-3000 SCFM                                                                 
P-EG Stainless Steel Housing                     
Ultradepth II P-SRF Filter for Compressed or Process Air and Technical Gases   
Ultra Filter Sterile Houseing PG-EG      
Ultrafilter Sterile Filter PSRF